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Some Entrepreneurs I've helped...

"I go to many seminars, read books, listen to podcasts, run, eat healthy, etc. But working with Cris was different and more empowering than anything I have done thus far in my entire life! Before working with you, I was ready to let go of my business. Thanks for helping me scale every department in my business, while giving me back my freedom and my time."

Leigh Bennet - CEO at Amara Day Spa

"Cris, working with you has been one of the best investments of my life! You have a way to drill down in ten seconds or less to the exact issue, and then you spell out the precise path to solve my business and personal challenges."

Kathy Terry CEO at InLieu, Co-Founder P.Terry's Burger Stand, Co-Founder Taco Ranch

Cris, thank you for helping me grow exponentially. I'm a much better entrepreneur and team leader because of our work together. I have doubled my revenue in six months working with you!"

Nancy Navarro - CEO at Live 13.5

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More Entrepreneurs I've helped

"Cris, since working with you I've made more money in the last eight months than in the last eight years combined! The investment of working with you is worth every penny."

Tere Arcq - International Art Curator, Consultant, and Published Author

"As a scientist, I am one of the most skeptical people in this world and working with you has been one of the best decisions of my life and also one of the best investments I have made in my life. I'm so grateful Cris!"

Laura Uribe - CEO at Huella Génica

"I had been stuck for years and had tried different programs. Cris, working with you has been a life-changing experience. It doesn't just happen in the movies, I've felt it... Thank you for helping me scale my business five hundred percent in less than one year."

Minela Vargas - Founder at Eat & Joy

"Cris you can fix anything! The amount that I have grown personally and professionally has been really awesome. You always have great answers for everything. My income grew 3X in three months."

Erica Gentulucci - Marketing Consultant

"Cris, you helped me to transform my professional life. You helped me to trust my own intuition and to believe that others would love me for who I am, including my employees and my customers. With your help, I was able to overcome my fear and leave my safe university job to start my company, Verb.  Three years later, I have 25 employees, $4 million in revenue and we are doubling in size every year.  Most importantly, I feel every day that I am doing my highest and best purpose on the planet and I know I am making a difference in people’s lives."

Suzi Sosa - CEO & Co-Founder at Verb

"I have so much more freedom since I worked with you. You've helped me turn my digital agency around in two months! The investment in myself to work with you has been totally worth it. I can work anywhere in the world and I have so much more time to do the things I love. Cris, you have helped me so much and not just in my business. Thank you so much!"

Soad - Co-Founder at Las Corleone

Proud Of Receiving Messages Like This...

Helping rockstar clients land $2M investments! (Drop mic)

Celebrating clients being approached by CEOs of Fortune 100 companies to collaborate.

Helping CRUSH their ALL-TIME 7 Yr sales record, in the middle of pandemic WHILE she is on vacation.

Proud of clients who launch their business and kick ass!!

Helping clients transform their finances.

Grateful for amazing clients who find their tribe!

Helping clients negotiate many times over what they thought they could get.

Helping clients surpass their monthly goals

Helping clients scale (way) up!

Helping clients land recurring revenue contracts.

Opening the flood gates of sales!

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More Entrepreneurs I've helped

"Cris, you are the most compassionate man I know. You always have time for us, you always have solutions. There's no problem you can't help me solve. Working with you has been incredibly transformational not only for my business but for my personal life as well. You helped me endure the biggest challenge I've experienced in my life."

Tania Caballero - CEO & Founder at San Icitrus, Founder Triángulo Grupo Terapéutico.

"It’s really difficult to put into words how you’ve helped me to see aspects of my life that I had never seen. How you’ve helped in the most loving and effective way. I see the changes manifested in the most important areas of my life. Cris, thank you for walking me back home!"

Victoria Hertel - Founder at Amor a Mi

"There is a pivotal moment in my life, before Cris, and after Cris! I am so grateful for helping me gain more confidence than I knew I could and for helping me transform my business in such a short timeframe."

Luzma Días - Feng Shui Consultant

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