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Christina P

I was such an untrusting person I didn’t even trust my intuition. I had a lot of fears. Thank God I said yes to working with Criz! He almost didn’t work with me because I was so indecisive. In all areas of my life, it’s been a blessing to have Criz’ help and guidance.

I’ve never met anyone as warm, kind, and intuitive. Someone who always comes up with solutions to help me get through the most difficult times of my life. Even with my stubbornness, he persisted in showing me the light on the other side, the light that was always there for me to see. I was blind, I didn’t think I deserved it or even knew it existed.

When I started seeing how my life, especially with work, completely changed for the better, so quickly, it was a matrix I had broken as I started to have better beliefs for my life. It was my choice. The only thing holding me back has been my beliefs. My intuition has always been there. I was too scared to listen to what my intuition was telling me.

I made up my mind very quickly to do the extended program. I didn’t want to give up before more magic happened. I’m so truly blessed. I’ve had major breakthroughs since I’ve renewed and I’ve opened up to Criz about challenges that I didn’t want anyone to know. He’s been understanding, caring and has given me guidance every step of the way.

I just came back from a workshop in Austin. I can’t describe in words the impact it’s had on my life. It was an honor to meet Criz in person. He has a big heart and is here to give service to all of us. He wants us all to connect to our life purpose. It’s becoming very clear to me. It’s a journey, one step at a time.

This program is more than I ever expected. It’s life changing, it’s beyond words. If Criz’ words resonated with you trust your intuition. He is the most real, genuine person I’ve ever met. He has a powerful gift. Criz I’m grateful to have met you.

Christina P.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist / Children Photographer

Margaret G

Working with Criz has been the most incredible gift I’ve ever given myself. It was scary, to commit to the money, and trust that he could actually deliver the results he promised and that changing my life would actually be possible.

As a result of working with him, I have a vision, peace and a love for myself and life that I did not believe were possible… at least not possible for me.

He will challenge you lovingly but directly in order to give you back to yourself.

His extended mentoring program is hard AND the most amazing, beautiful experience of a lifetime!

I’d say the biggest breakthrough is actually re-writing my entire life story.

I’m motivated, clear, and connected in a new way that I did not think was possible.

My experience of the world is different, things are happening….people are nicer, free stuff keeps showing up, my employer offered me a new position and then told me I could design whatever I want, I feel calm.

If you’re considering whether or not you want to work with him, stop thinking and just do it. The person buried deep inside of you has a chance to emerge.

Trust that it can happen and take the leap to reclaim yourself and your life.

Margaret G.


Kat C


I want to write so much more but I hope this somehow expresses the level of gratitude I have for you and what you have done for me in the past few months and the past few days.

I find it extremely difficult to put my thoughts and feelings into words, but I am deeply grateful for Criz – for who he is and how he has shown up in my life! After working with Criz for several months, especially in person during the workshop, I feel like I’m looking at the world with new eyes! Like a vivid dream, he literally took us on several journeys through time, and I saw that there are people in life who need me but I need to show up for them – I also need to show up for me!

I have learned so much about myself.

Lifelong questions have been answered.

Misunderstanding, guilt, and pain have been replaced with understanding and purpose.

I’ve also witnessed other Criz’ clients realize and let go of deep lifelong hurts in a matter of minutes. Through their experiences, I was also forever changed.

Criz has helped me let go of fear, self-judgement, and doubt to become the confident woman I was destined to be!

Criz is amazing! He is not just a business or life mentor, he is so much more. He truly cares and understands people – who we really are at our core, what motivates us, what terrifies us, what we truly want in life and why.

He knows how to pinpoint and uncover our deepest fears and beliefs, dissect them and address them head on. He will guide you and help you achieve clarity not only in your business but in so many aspects of your life.

Criz will push you so far out of your comfort zone and past your previously imagined limitations, but he does it out of purpose and genuine love.  You can trust him with your heart (and with your credit card)! Working with Criz will change your life!

Kat C.

Raw Food Chef & Certified Holistic Health Coach


I want to share my experience with you but I’ll be honest, I’m so overwhelmed that I’m not exactly sure where to start.  I started working with you at the end of January. I hit a place in my life that I realized I have been trying for so long to do this alone and I didn’t want to keep spinning my wheels and running on the same hamster wheel that I’ve been on for the last five plus years.

I wasn’t sure if this would work, but I also asked myself what I had to lose?  The worst I came up with is a little money.  But if it worked, I knew I would gain so much more!

The financial piece scared me, as I’m sure you recall.  I didn’t feel like I had the money for it. Looking back, I realize this was just another one of my limiting beliefs but it wasn’t even really about the money… it was more about investing in myself, or NOT investing in myself.

It was scary for me to have to actually put the work in. The first 8 weeks, I saw amazing differences in myself, the limiting beliefs I finally recognized and acknowledged, my mindset, and of course, it all starts with my physiology.

Fast forward to March when we talked about the extended program.  I thought for sure the financial piece would paralyze me again.  It didn’t!  That alone was a huge breakthrough.  I saw the immense value in the first 8 weeks and I wasn’t ready to be set free at that point. I knew by that point that the investment in myself would be worth it.  And boy… it sure has!

The time in Austin alone was priceless!!  If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be TRANSFORMATIONAL.

During those three days, I got to see myself for the asshole self that I could be. The needy girl who needed relationships to fulfill significance in my life.  It was such an ah-ha moment when I realized that ultimately this is the reason I have had so many negative relationships in my life and how I’m looking to others for all the wrong things, and how I have blocked the good relationships from my life.

I realized how I’ve been stuck in “my story”… my shitty story.  This has done nothing but hold me back.  Stepping outside of the quicksand of my ego is now finally allowing me to move forward!

I also had breakthroughs that I was not expecting. I remember you telling us first thing on day one that we will all realize that we are there for reasons we don’t even know.  So very true!  I had some sort of breakthrough with each of the 5 other women’s stories.  Perhaps things that I have suppressed or thought I had successfully conquered already.  One of these being that I’ve always been proud of the challenges I’ve had to face as they have made me who I am.  Although this is true… when it comes from a place of pride and ego, it’s more of a fuck you world mentality versus forgiveness and being more heart centered.

Basically, I was able to re-write my story.  How incredible is that!!??  It’s SO incredible!!

I walked away from Austin with a soft and lighter heart, filled with even more gratitude and love than I even thought one person could feel.

I’ve actually felt like my heart will explode (from joy instead of pain).

People seem nicer, time feels like it’s slowed down, challenges feel attainable and no longer impossible.

I have more freedom than I’ve felt in years.

Thank you for everything you’ve done to help me help myself.  And thank you for also bringing other amazing and strong women into my life.  I feel beyond blessed.  I love being in my heart!

Amanda R.


Criz’ extended mentorship has transformed me!  It saved my life!

I know that sounds dramatic, but the state I was living in before and now the state I’m in saved me.  I have felt a love and clarity that I’ve never experienced before.

I have a knowledge of self-love that I had no idea existed.  I know that I will change the lives of others because of this experience.  I went into this mentorship for business and I didn’t realize how closed my heart was.

It took me the first part of my mentorship to stop judging myself and get to a place that I was ready to really be open, listen, and take action.  When I did….fuck…I lived in my stories, lived in pain, and lived as victim unknowingly.

I also want to express that this experience has made me a much better parent!

Now, I’m not scared because I have the resources to help me navigate.  The best part is I have no idea the impact this will make in my life because I now know what it is to LIVE now.  I am a new woman, partner, and mother.

There is no price to place on what I just experienced.  My heart is overfilled with gratitude for Criz and his gift.

Staci U.

Empowering teenage girls to live their truth


During these intense and amazing days, I found myself again!

I’ve found my core, my gifts, my energy, and my smile. I was able to experience the most wonderful journey by finding the wall that was stopping to recognize who I am and what I can do.

I now want to enjoy every day of my life because God created us to be happy.  I decided to find joy and fun in every journey.

I wanted to work with Criz with one outcome: Break the walls that were stopping me to find my purpose and I totally did it!
I also found strength in every wonderful lady, who like me, came to confront their fears and conquer them!  We shared our pains, our happiness. We celebrated our breakthroughs, and we have fun. Now we have the same wonderful memories.

Criz’ extender mentorship program will change you! It will change your life!

Thank you Criz for pushing me. You are gifted and your purpose is a blessing for all of us!  Love you!

Mirlay C.

Business Executive Empowering Venezuela


Cristián is magical! His extended mentoring program will forever change the course of my life!

You do the work, he guides/facilitates it and is with you every step of the journey. What a gift to leave his workshop knowing my purpose and the tools/support to help me continue. I am not a new person, I am the person I’ve always been meant to be. I also am so grateful for new bonding relationships with some amazing women I will never forget!

Thank you Cristián for helping me stop playing small and stepping up so I can live a fulfilled life, doing what I want and helping others as you helped me.

Shar G.

Business Consultant

When I did the first part of the eight-week program, it was amazing to really know myself and learn valuable tools to improve my life. BUT with the Extended Mentoring Program and the Austin Workshop, everything changed massively! It has been TOTALLY ENLIGHTENING!!

Now I have more clarity of what I want in life, I’m more resourceful trusting my intuition because my heart is my compass. I’m taking actions based on the outcomes that I want to have and those erase the fears.

I feel like I have a lot of happy “homework” knowing that the outcome will be awesome and that I have someone that will accompany me in the journey. I’m also really grateful for having the chance to meet some incredible women that I feel like friends now.

Thanks Criz for helping us grow this way!

Raquel B

Health Center Owner & Entrepreneur

(Update Since Case Study)

Carving through the story, we convince ourselves is our “life story”, Criz isolates key topics and uses clear consciousness to help us arrive at answers that challenge this story and breakthrough to new ground, new purpose, and a new appreciation for ourselves.

Following him through this process and all steps, trusting his guidance and allowing him to highlight what he has to, really works (know it’s coming from 100% love). I found a gem of an answer that has unlocked a drive and purpose that I know will serve me forever. I experienced it.

Thanks Criz for taking your gift so seriously and therefore allowing me to find mine. I had to dig very deep to solve some deeply rooted beliefs to connect the dots. Behind me I could feel the power of incredible women, holding me up vibrationally. With their love and support, and fully trusting Criz, I stepped forward into a very scary place and answered the ultimate question that will change my life forever.

There are no words… I will never forget this experience – going so deep into myself, at the same time as being held up vibrationally by all the gorgeous women in the room, and guided by Criz.

Thank god you do what you do Criz. You have not only saved my life with your program (literally as I was in a horrendous place when we first met) but you have gifted me true happiness through this workshop. There is no way I can thank you enough.

With gratitude,
Jenny H.

Marketing Consultant

(Update Since Case Study)

If I thought talking to Criz face to face via our weekly meetings or Facetime calls was impactful, I can’t even begin to describe the power of being in person in an intimate environment for two and a half days with him… no BS, no lies, all truth, compassion, and love. Add 9 other incredible women (albeit strangers) who have the same fears, struggles, challenges, hurt & pain and connecting so deeply & vulnerably in an intimate setting, you’ve got the perfect recipe for a kick-ass personal development experience.

The workshop from his extended mentoring opened a Pandora’s box of so many deep, personal challenges relating back to my childhood I thought I had moved past but merely just scraped the surface of. Feeling safe to open up fucked up parts of yourself & seeing a piece of your deepest fears in all of the other women empowers you to open your heart to the bullshit lies you’ve been telling yourself for far too long. It’s almost as if the

It’s almost as if the light bulb inside my heart that Criz has been trying to get me to turn on for MONTHS, but that I have been resisting, is FINALLY illuminated & I never want to turn it off. The journey from recognizing/understanding who I am/how I act as my worst self, the story I told myself long ago that has held me back from becoming worthy of having it all, understanding what needs to change/how I need to change it & what my new story to move forward with is along with guided meditations/visualizations is so powerful to understanding the root cause of my biggest fears & challenges in life.

Having an experience that focuses on the deep rooted issues you’ve been suppressing your entire life & not recognizing how they have in turn affected all of your beliefs about yourself and life helps you to start seeing what parts of yourself have to be healed & start the healing process so you can move forward, which in turn allows you to come home to your true authentic self once and for all.

The whole experience from the immersion, to catered lunches, beautiful group dinner the first night, the setting/location of the workshop all contributed to a fabulous time in Austin. I know my mentorship/friendship with Criz moving forward will be forever changed from this experience and for that, I am forever grateful.

I know his mentorship is something that I will do whatever it takes to continue having in my life as I progress forward toward the life of abundance I know I will have & deserve & I am honored to have Criz there every step of the way!

Adrienne G

Founder Amp Your AM

I’m so happy to be part of your extended mentoring program. At the Austin intensive, I unquestionably re-wrote my life’s story! I had no idea what to expect, but even if I had imagined it, your workshop surpassed it a by a thousand times.

The workshop helped me have an enormous shift in my life. It made me reflect on the importance of doing everything with love, to open my heart and connect with it. Thanks to this, I lost the fear of expressing my feelings, and it’s helped me arrive at the right dimension of my existence.

I want to thank you for all your help in guiding me through this ocean of emotions to be able to share the best of me.

Since our first conversation, I told you that you had an incredible energy that I could feel even through a Skype session all the way in Rome. I wasn’t wrong, and I corroborated it in your workshop.

Thank you for sharing your gift and placing it in the hands of women who want to have a better life and conquer the world.

Marcela V.


Your extended mentoring program and your Austin intensive have been an opportunity to dive deep into my heart, to realize I have what it takes to live the life of my dreams. It made me realize I’ve always had “it”, even known it, but I’ve been too busy, disconnected, afraid and confused to live from that place.

The workshop unveiled the truth and gave me an unforgettable experience as well as the tools to never forget this.

I get closer, day by day to the dream while living in the dream.

Thank you so much!

Alejandra E.

Entrepreneur and Ayurvedic Coach

In the blink of an eye, in three days, through your workshop, everything changed.

In an environment of absolute respect and trust, where there is no judgment nor pretenses, together, six women guided by Criz ventured from the most honest and profound place of our being and connected with our inner world, our space of love and our true selves.

In between laughter and tears and many emotions, we opened forgotten spaces, we observed them, we dusted them off, we cleansed, solved them and let go what didn’t allow us to shine.

We found our light, and in it our strength and joy. We honored the people we love, and we recognized and healed attitudes and actions that no longer served us. We left behind pain and resentment.

From that place, we broke down barriers and left behind many things we had been carrying along all our lives.

We re-interpreted our pace, our path, and our goals. We designed a life plan where it doesn’t matter what road we take. We now have the certainty that things will be alright; where problems will only make us stronger and more powerful.

With a bouquet of love in our hands, we said goodbye, full of hope, happiness, security. We left feeling the inner sun that gives us strength and light every day so we can do anything in life from a place of compassion, peace and much, much love.

Thank you Criz!

Vanessa B.

International Event Producer & Consultant